Blast Information Management System (BIMS)

Mine personnel and management need information for planning, controlling and decision-making. This data needs to be stored, analysed, audited, documented and managed at various stages of a mine or quarry. These data need to be analysed to optimize mine operations. The manual methods of data storage and file management take time and resources for providing critical information for making decisions.
BIMS concept     Data collection: pre-blast, during the blast and post-blast is critical to the blasting process, for planning purposes, statutory requirements or environmental compliance. The review and analysis of past data can improve blast design, execution and help in the achievement of desired blasting outcomes and downstream productivity, and improvement and optimization of results by adjustment of drilling and blasting parameters. Based on the database and its search and analysis capabilities, the system can provide opportunities for taking corrective steps by changing charging and initiation timing and sequence for controlling fragmentation size, vibration and flyrock.
Blast Information Management System (BIMS) provides information to meet the strategic and operational needs for planning, controlling and decision-making for optimizing mining operations (Bhandari and Bhandari, 2006). BIMS provides methods to store, manage, document and retrieve drill and blast related information The system stores blast details, actual blast parameters, blast pattern, face profile, explosive consumption, charging details.
In a new version data can be entered like an Excel sheet, all the parameters entered are editable, pattern is drawn after data are entered, End of month reports, key performance indicators, reports are generated for IBM, DGMS and PESO. Software can import/export drill hole data, GPS data, Total station records, face profile records in excel or .csv file. Files can be imported from SAP or other blasting software.  Read More

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